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Skipping School – ITN Mark Education Sponsors Event

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07 February 2018
ITN Mark Education is very proud to have been sponsoring the Skipping School event across the Yorkshire area for several years now.

The Skipping School is run by father and daughter duo Chris and Jodi Corcoran, who discovered their love of sharing skipping skills in 2003.  Over the years, they have skipped with over 1 million children and young people and thousands of adults. 

“We teach Agility, Balance, Co-ordination and inspire Determination and Enthusiasm. We encourage all participants to simply ‘have a go’, to develop their individual skills, and also to work together on group activities for an all round positive experience.”
The skipping school is a fun way to get children involved in exercise which also helps improve co-ordination, however this isn’t the only benefit:

1. Skipping is great for improving co-ordination skills. The steady rhythm of skipping can help improve the coordination between your eyes, feet and hands.
2. Skipping is a relatively cheap workout, as all you will need are skipping ropes and some comfortable trainers. Skipping ropes usually cost around £5-£8, and is a one-off cost.
3. Skipping helps improve your heart rate and blood pressure. 
4. Skipping is an all-round workout to help improve stamina and all-round fitness. 
5. You can take your ropes anywhere. Skipping is great because you don’t need any fancy gym equipment or lots of space so it can be done at home, on holiday, or at the park for example.
6. Exercise is great for the brain, especially skipping as it demands both physical and mental function so is said to improve cognitive power.

Remember to always adequately warm up before exercise

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