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Supply / Temporary

We can find you the right job at the right time. Join our supportive network and we'll match you to the role best suited to your needs. We offer full-time and part-time supply teaching jobs in a wide range of educational establishments across the UK, giving you the opportunity to discover the right environment for you.

Our recruitment specialists, many of them former teachers are well-trained and understand the nature of teaching. We ensure every teacher we place on a supply assignment is comfortable with their working environment, has the support of regular contact from their consultant and gets competitive, reliable pay and constructive feedback.
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Permanent teaching jobs

On the look-out for your dream permanent job? As your extra pair of eyes, we'll take the time to understand your requirements to find you the perfect role. By listening to the individual needs of both you and potential schools, we will identify specific goals to create a career plan, unique to your ambitions.

Send your CV to our specialist permanent recruitment team to see how we can help you.


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Support Staff

At ITN Mark, we understand that in the smooth running of a school, members of the support staff play a significant role. We have helped hundreds of TAs, nursery nurses, cover supervisors, technicians, exam invigilators, librarians and administrative staff find their ideal job. If you're looking for an important role where you'll be working alongside teachers to ensure students get the best possible opportunity to reach their full potential, ITN Mark can help.

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Are you a newly qualified teacher or a student coming close to finishing your studies? ITN Mark can kick start your teaching career by giving you access to the latest NQT jobs and finding you your first teaching position. Our consultants offer practical guidance and advice and will support you as you prepare your CV and work on your interview techniques. They can match you to permanent roles in schools, help you gain a temporary full time position and find important, experience-building supply teaching positions.

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NQT Jobs



Whether you're a senior leader looking for a move or a teacher ready to take the next step in your career, ITN Mark has the expertise to help. Our track record of successful partnerships with schools and academies gives you access to the latest leadership roles. If you have outstanding management skills and are looking for a new challenge, our consultants will help accelerate your move into a top, leadership position.

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Our process

One Our team receives and reviews a job vacancy and posts it to our website
Why not sign-up for personalised job alerts? You'll be notified as soon as a vacancy matching your requirements is posted.
Two You apply for the job
Applying for a job on our website takes less than three minutes. You can also upload your CV so our team can match you to jobs as they come in.
Three Your CV is reviewed
Our recruitment process has been carefully designed to match your skills to a suitable vacancy. We use your CV to help us learn who you are and make sure you’re right for a role.
by our candidate care team
Four A welcome phone call from one of our consultants
This is our opportunity to make sure you meet the requirements of a role by discussing more details about job openings. This initial conversation will help us get to know you and find out about your motivations for applying. Here’s a few interview tips to help you prepare.
will give you an insight into ITN Mark and our advertised jobs
Five You'll be invited into your local branch to meet your consultant
We want to give you the opportunity to find out about us and potential career moves. Our consultants want to know what makes you tick and what you have accomplished so they can make the best job matches possible. Find out why current candidates recommend ITN Mark.
and join the ITN Mark team
Six You're put forward for a role,
If the job you’ve applied for is a good fit for your skills and you’re happy with everything you’ve heard, we’ll get the ball rolling and take your application forward. Once we have your CV, we’ll match it against all our open positions and keep you informed of new vacancies. Ready to start your job search?  Browse our live jobs.
feeling confident and reassured

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