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Organising a Primary School Christmas Play

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16 November 2016

Christmas is just around the corner, and that means that many primary schools will be putting on a Christmas show for pupils and parents alike to enjoy. But what about the teachers who have to organise them? With careful planning, this can be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

We’ve put together a list of tips for organising a primary school Christmas play so that you can put on a fantastic show for the rest of the school.

Choose a show that will appeal to everyone

The key to putting on an excellent primary school Christmas play is to pick a show that will appeal to children and parents of all ages. It needs to be completely appropriate for young children, and your class will need to enjoy putting on the show to get the most from the experience.

Think about the practicalities of the show - will it involve lots of costume and costume changes? Will it need any props? Music? You can only put on a good show if it’s within the capabilities of your school, so keep this in mind while you’re choosing a play to perform.

Choose the cast wisely

Choosing the cast of your Christmas play is serious business - you can’t go back on what you’ve already said, so choose wisely! Consider giving lead roles to pupils who aren’t as academically able as others to give them a chance to shine.

For speaking parts, it’s important to choose students that are comfortable talking in front of a large audience. It’s worth organising a lesson when each pupil will have to speak in front of the class before choosing the cast, so you can get a better idea of who’s confident.

Don’t forget to choose pupils for reserve parts, or you could find yourself in a sticky situation should one of your leading children fall ill on the night.

Spend time rehearsing

When it comes to rehearsals, it’s beneficial to write a schedule and stick to it, so you know which parts of the play you’ll be rehearsing. If you’re rehearsing for a few key parts, why not get the rest of your class to watch and give feedback to their peers?

Always do a quick warm up before your rehearsal, this can be both physical and vocal, to help pupils get into the drama ‘zone’, so they can get the most out of their rehearsal time.

Plan, plan, plan!

For your Christmas play to go smoothly, there needs to be an exceptional level of planning and organisation. Arrange the date, casting, rehearsal times, costumes and anything else possible well in advance - you’ll regret it if you leave it all until the last minute.

TOP TIP: When it comes to parents and costume making, some are more willing than others. If you’re expecting parents to provide their children with costumes for the play, make sure you keep the parents of the lead roles in the loop. You don’t want the main character telling you they won’t have a costume the day before!

Enjoy yourself

Putting on a Christmas play can be a stressful experience, but it’s also a lot of fun. Don’t be a perfectionist - this will only make you even more stressed, and remember that slip ups (as long as they’re not disastrous) can provide an element of light-hearted humour to the show.

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