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Whether you’re an experienced teaching assistant looking to take the next step in your career, or you’d like to increase your knowledge and gain some valuable experience, ITN Mark can help. You could be looking for a permanent teaching assistant role, or maybe you’re searching for a part-time position that you can fit around your other commitments, you’re sure to find your dream role here.

If you can’t find a role that suits, please get in contact or send your CV.

The role of a teaching assistant is integral to the working day of the teacher and the pupils. A teaching assistant is responsible for assisting the teacher in preparing, and during, each lesson. These duties may differ depending on the age of the class but could be anything from helping hang coats up and getting ready for lunchtime, to one-to-one student help.

The main job of a teaching assistant is to assist students who need extra help. This is usually students who are underachieving for whatever reason. It could be students which behavioral issues that may find it difficult to concentrate and may deter other students from learning. Teaching Assistants are also sometimes required to assist pupils with SEND.

What are the benefits of being a teaching assistant?

This career path is full of exciting opportunities to help professionals and students in their growth in school. Here are a few of the best aspects of becoming a teaching assistant:

  • Family friendly work/life balance - although sometimes your days may be long, you will find it easy to separate work and home without needing to take any homework or lesson plans home with you.

  • A rung on the career ladder - If you have aspirations of a more leading teaching role but lack the experience to get there yet, this type of position is excellent as a stepping stone to prove you have the skills required.

  • A rewarding student-teacher relationship - working closely with students who struggle more with learning is difficult at times, but this makes their achievements all the more enjoyable when goals and targets are reached.

Should you become a teaching assistant?

If you are interested in starting down this rewarding career path, these are some skills and character that will help you excel and make a difference:

  • Initiative and self-motivation - sometimes you may be required to fill in for a teacher who is unable to attend school, the organisation to fulfill this role when needed shows great potential.

  • Quite often in order to assist the smooth progression of the school day, you will be responsible for students who are difficult to control or focus. Because of this, patience is key.

  • Adaptability is a necessary character trait in this type of role as you cannot expect two days to be the same and have to be prepared to take on unexpected challenges on a day to day basis.

  • Hardworking - We know that each job has its long days and excelling in a career requires hard work. As a teaching assistant, you will likely have an early start to prepare the classroom, and may be staying late to handle student in detention.

Why choose ITN Mark Education?

If you choose to sign up with ITN Mark we’ll do our best to match you with the perfect job. Here are some of the benefits of working with us:

  • Personalised job matches to meet individual skills, experience and requirements

  • Flexible working hours

  • Career support and advice

  • A wide range of teaching environments

  • Opportunities to develop teaching experience

  • Weekly pay and holiday pay

  • Continued professional development

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