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SEND is an acronym for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. SEND teachers provide assistance to young people who need extra support with education. Depending on the learning disability of the student, an SEND teacher might be working with someone who has mild to moderate learning difficulties; a specific kind of learning difficulty, such as dyslexia; physical or sensory disabilities or behavioural problems.

Being an SEND teacher can be a challenging role to perform. But as is often the case with teaching, the demanding nature of the job reaps great rewards as you support your students in their growth as people, and help them to explore the world around them. Young people with special educational needs may face hurdles at times as the process of learning can be more challenging, but the appreciation and trust that comes with forming a strong bond of understanding and commitment makes this a wonderfully satisfying career.

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What are the benefits of being a SEND teacher?

For the right candidate this job could be life changing. Take a look at some of the benefits of becoming an SEND teacher and

  • Teachers for these roles are always in high demand in primary and secondary school. Many teachers do not want to take on this type of specialised role because of the challenges that come with it. Therefore you will never be short of vacancies.

  • Professional growth leading to expanded options of long term career goals. Having experience in working with young people with learning disabilities proves you have excellent communication and ability to deal with stressful situations that, great transferable skills for other teaching opportunities

  • The impact you could have on the lives of your students and their families would be visible and last into adulthood. You actions have the potential to positively affect the independence of the people you work with to prepare them for later life.

  • Students in special education may come up against more difficulties than students in the normal curriculum of mainstream schools, but tend to appreciate and be thankful for the attention and patience given to them by SEND teachers and form strong and genuine friendships through time spent with them.

  • Shorter working days with more flexibility, meaning that the special education school day is often shorter than the normal school day. This gives SEND teacher more freedom to balance their work and personal lives.


Should you become an SEND teacher?

Whether full time or part time, SEND teaching assistants require a great deal of patience and keeping a calm head under pressure, as you will be spending a lot of time with students who may be unpredictable and challenging. If you are considering becoming an SEND teacher think about whether you have these skills:

  • Very well organised

  • The ability to communicate well through different mediums, without struggling to hold the attention of one person or a group of people

  • The ability to manage challenging or difficult behaviour without easily becoming agitated

  • The ability to form relationships with and connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds, not just students, but teachers, parents, carers, social workers and medical practitioners as well.


Why choose ITN Mark Education?

We want to make sure you feel happy and comfortable in your new career. Here are some of the benefits or working with ITN Mark:

  • Personalised job matches to meet individual skills, experience and requirements

  • Flexible working hours

  • Career support and advice

  • A wide range of teaching environments

  • Opportunities to develop teaching experience

  • Weekly pay and holiday pay

  • Continued professional development

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