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"Paul has been a brilliant support from day one! He has been accommodating and prompt in his replies to all my concerns. My placement at St. Mary's has been very successful and enjoyable. The Manchester Team is very professional and informative, and their communication is very clear. And, the Payroll Team is very consistent with payments and any information they have sent has been clear and informative."
Anna, Primary School Teacher

"I have worked as a Primary Teacher for ITN Mark Education for a couple of years now and find the staff to be extremely supportive and knowledgeable about my employment needs. My consultant keeps me up to date with opportunities and provides me with useful advice to make the most of placements."
Laura, Primary School Teacher


ITN Mark has offered a high level of service since my first contact with the company. They operate in a very professional manner and have sought to build a close working relationship with the school through phone calls, emails and personal visits.
Collaboration has been at the centre of all discussions with representatives and the company have matched our requirements and personnel very well.
There is a strong sense of being a valued customer but more importantly, the staff supplied are looked after and supported by the company.

St. Agnes, Church of England Primary School, Manchester