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Ideas for Christmas themed lessons – Part 2

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04 December 2017

In the run-up to Christmas it can be difficult to gain the full attention of your class due to the increased levels of excitement in the air! With this in mind we’ve put together two blogs with lists of activities (read part 1) which should help you plan your lessons over the festive period.


Creating personalised baubles is sure to get the children even more excited about decorating the Christmas tree.  Keep it simple by using card and glitter or get even more creative and get the pupils to make colourful ‘pom-pom’ designs.


Christmas carols are an easy way to bring the Christmas spirit into your classroom, and children love to sing them!  If you’d like to make your lesson even more fun, why not get the children to work in groups and create their very own Christmas carol. 

Food Technology

Gingerbread is a classic treat at Christmas time, and relatively simple to make. Follow this recipe from BBC Food and decorate with bright icing.

We hope you found these ideas useful and we also hope you have a lovely Christmas break.

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