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How many jobs do teachers really do in one day?

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22 February 2017

There's no doubt about it - teachers are heroes!

Not only do teachers in the UK teach our children the fundamentals of education that will help them develop into fully fledged adults, they also take on a number of other roles throughout the day.

A pupil needs to talk about something that's bothering them? The teacher becomes their counsellor.

Pupils playing football in the playground? You can bet that the referee's the teacher!

If you're a primary school teacher, you'll be more than familiar with scraped knees in the playground. In fact, playtime is probably prime time for your 'nursing' duties!

In the classroom, you'll most likely be called upon for your IT and computer skills - when you become an IT consultant for a short while.

Judge, Librarian, Careers Advisor...the list is endless

The many jobs a teacher does for their pupils may sometimes seem endless! But, if you can think of any more we may have missed off the list, we'd love to hear from you.
Are you looking to use your many talents in a new role, then we may have the perfect position for you.

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