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Christmas Lesson Ideas (Part 1)

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23 November 2017

Christmas is just around the corner, and with that your pupils will no doubt be very excited at the thought of Christmas break. In the run up to the festive holidays you may find you’d like to introduce a little Christmas cheer into your lesson plans. With this in mind we’ve put together this list of ideas to inspire your planning.


English is a great lesson to give a Christmas themed twist! Why not get your pupils to work in teams and breakdown the grammar within popular Christmas carols? Crosswords are also a really fun (if not slightly competitive) way to get children to think about Christmas-y words and their meaning, and can also be adapted to suit all levels of learning.


There are lots of Christmas themed puzzles online to inspire your Maths lessons in the run-up to Christmas, so there’s sure to be option to suit all age levels. This website is one of many we found with free pintable’s.


‘Grow’ your own Christmas tree! Teach pupils about botany using a sponge (cut into the shape of a tree, water and grass seeds. Begin by soaking the sponge in water, and then covering in seeds.  Once covered, dampen the seeds by spraying them water and repeat every day to keep moist.  In a few weeks you should see blades of grass begin to sprout and the shape of a Christmas tree beginning to form. Find the full instructions here.


There are so many Christmas themed activities your pupils can be doing during Art time, however none are more popular than creating their own Christmas cards for their friends and family.  Take a look at this inventive card from Crafty Morning Blog.

Keep checking our Blog to see more Christmas lesson ideas.

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