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Christmas activities for the classroom

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14 December 2016

Well, Christmas is just around the corner, and your pupils will no doubt be excited about the 25th. And, you’ll be looking forward to some well-deserved time off. But if you’re stuck for Christmas lesson plans for your pupils in the lead up to the winter break, here are some great activity ideas to encourage a festive and productive classroom.

Christmas around the World

How different cultures celebrate Christmas around the world is a great topic to teach primary school pupils. Fun facts such as different civilisations’ perceptions of Santa and the various dates that people celebrate Christmas will fascinate your class. Children will also enjoy activities like drawing different Christmas gifts they would give to people from countries across the globe. Why not create a large map to stick on your classroom wall? This way your pupils can put their drawings on the relevant countries.

Making Christingles

A fun way to end the winter term is by making Christingles. Christingles are popular in Christian schools as individual parts of them represent various Christian beliefs. However, making them is a fun and colourful activity that the whole class is bound to enjoy. You can get creative with Christingles – pupils can use papier maché, fruits or even, for a more 2D Christingle, felt on card.

Writing Christmas Carols

Children love singing Christmas carols, and we all feel more cheerful after a good carol singing session, so why not encourage your pupils to try and write their own? You could even have a competition, and the winners could read their carols out in assembly (or even have a sing along if they feel confident enough).

Santa’s list

This one’s perfect for younger pupils - give them a list that’s set out something like this:

  • Susan shared her sweets with her friend
  • Martin kicked his sister
  • Jane helped her mum with the tidying up
  • Craig teased his classmate

The aim of the activity is for pupils to write down next to each sentence whether or not they think that that child has been naughty or nice.

Making Christmas cards

This one’s ideal for pupils of all ages. Simply get some coloured card, glue, glitter, paints, pipe cleaners and anything else you think will look great stuck to the front of a card, and let your class make their own. You could even have an in-class ‘post box’ for your pupils to post their cards to each other.

For more fabulous classroom ideas, or for some handy career tips, visit our blog.

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