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ITN Mark Education sees the academic year in with a new calendar

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17 August 2015

ITN Mark Education sees the academic year in with a new calendar

When we were looking for inspiration for our new calendar, we thought who better to ask than the children in the schools where our candidates are teaching. So, in February this year we launched a competition to find the best drawings from year seven (10 to 11 year olds) to represent each month of the year.

We quickly discovered that the children were an artistic and creative group and were delighted as the entries flooded in to us.

It was a tough choice but we finally got them down to the final twelve and we’re very pleased with the results. As you can see, the calendar looks great!

We gave each winner a £20 book token, a copy of the calendar and a certificate.

The winning schools were:

  • January St. James Primary School (Somerset LA)
  • February St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School (Birmingham LA)
  • March Ebbw Vale Learning Community (Blaenau Gwent LA)
  • April Adderley Primary School (Birmingham LA)
  • May St. Bede’s Catholic School (Lancashire LA)
  • June St. Alban’s Catholic School (Sheffield LA)
  • July Shanklea Primary School (Northumberland LA)
  • August Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School (Leeds LA)
  • September Watling Forest Club (Central Bedfordshire LA)
  • October Charles Coddy Walker Academy (Wallsall LA)
  • November Kier Hardie Primary School (Newham LA)
  • December Freegrounds Infant School (Hampshire LA)

We’ll be distributing the calendars to our schools in time for their return in September.

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