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Guaranteed Work Scheme

For supply teachers and teaching assistants

If you’re a supply teacher or teaching assistant working in short-term or day-to-day assignments, you may be eligible to join the Guaranteed Work Scheme (GWA). This is a scheme which aims to provide supply teachers and teaching assistants with some of the security that long-term or permanent work brings while giving the flexibility and benefits that comes with doing day-to-day and short-term work.

Supply teachers and teaching assistants provide a valuable service to schools even though sometimes the work can be irregular and uncertain. Our GWA ensures that you receive some of the security that is sometimes missing from these roles. By signing up to the GWA, you will benefit from receiving regular work and a guaranteed income for each term. This is our commitment to you in return for you working exclusively for us.

We will guarantee you a minimum number of days work each term, and if we're unable to offer you work, we'll pay you anyway. You'll receive payment for any days not worked at the end of each GWA period - subject to terms and conditions.

For more information, speak to one of our friendly and helpful consultants in your local branch.