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ITN Mark Candidate Testimonials

What our candidates say about ITN Mark Education

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Thanks to everyone at ITN Mark Education last year. You all have made a positive impact, and I am astounded by the compassion and kindness you have shown. I think you are a fantastic company that is offering something very rarely found at other recruitment agencies. Things have gone fantastically this term, I am enjoying myself immensely and am very happy. Thanks again to everyone at ITN Mark Education.

"Paul has been a brilliant support from day one! He has been accommodating and prompt in his replies to all my concerns. My placement at St. Mary's has been very successful and enjoyable. The Manchester Team is very professional and informative, and their communication is very clear. And, the Payroll Team is very consistent with payments and any information they have sent has been clear and informative."
Anna, Primary School Teacher

"I have worked as a Primary Teacher for ITN Mark Education for a couple of years now and find the staff to be extremely supportive and knowledgeable about my employment needs. My consultant keeps me up to date with opportunities and provides me with useful advice to make the most of placements."
Laura, Primary School

"I emailed Leanne in the Leadership and Advisory Team about a job I saw advertised on the internet and the very next day we had a phone conversation to discuss the position. Leanne informed me all about the academy that advertised the job. It was clear that she knew them well and this gave me a good idea of the school. The day after this I had a telephone interview with Leanne. I felt that this prepared me well for any teaching interview. I strangely did not feel nervous as Leanne made me feel at ease. I was happy with the service Leanne provided, she almost felt like a friend, while remaining professional. I even received a Christmas card from her! Less than a week after our phone interview I was offered an interview at the school. Leanne was very supportive and made sure I had everything that I needed for the day, included class list with data, a seating plan, what my lesson needed to be about and even car parking arrangements! I would recommend using Leanne to find a teaching position. As a trainee teacher applying for my first teaching job I was very nervous but Leanne was there every step of the way. I was surprised how quickly I got my first teaching job. From the initial email to being offered my first teaching job was less than a week!"
Hayley, NQT