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Teaching Qualifications

Qualifications you need to teach in a British school

British Trained Teachers

If you are a British trained teacher, you need Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) before you can teach in state-maintained schools in England and Wales. If you are interested in training as a teacher, there are a number of teacher training options.

Non-UK Teacher Qualifications

If you are an Overseas Trained Teacher, you will need to have a fully recognised teaching qualification from your country of origin. If you are unsure about your qualifications, please contact your nearest ITN Mark office or UK NARIC – the National Agency responsible for providing information, advice and expert opinion on qualifications worldwide.

The Four Year Rule for Overseas Trained Teachers (OTTs)

OTTs may work as Teachers in British schools for up to four years. The four year period commences on the day the OTT first works as a Teacher in the UK and expires four years later, regardless of any breaks in teaching and irrespective of immigration status.

All OTTs must also have a Teaching Reference Number (TRN) before they begin working in a UK school. A TRN is a legal requirement for all trained teachers. Find out how to obtain a Teaching Reference Number

OTTs cannot continue teaching after their four year period has expired if they have not obtained Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Find out how to gain your QTS

Teachers who have trained in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA are recognised as qualified teachers and are automatically awarded QTS (conditions do apply).
Assessment Only (AO) route to QTS

If you are an experienced Teacher without QTS, the assessment-only route is designed to allow you to demonstrate that you already meet all of the standards, without the need for any further training. Find out more at

Qualifications Needed in Non-Teaching Roles

Nursery Nurse           

NVQ Level 3 / CACHE Level 3 / Diploma in Children's Services     

Science Technician     

Science Degree

IT Technician

Recognised IT qualification

DT Technician

Health and Safety certificate and qualification relating to machinery

Welfare Officer

First Aid certificate or a medical qualification