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Give your lessons a Spooky twist this Halloween

23 October 2017

Halloween is fast becoming more and more popular every year (thanks to the influence of our stateside friends), which is why it may be time to embrace the fun and give your lessons a little spooky twist this week.

Primary School Ideas

Pumpkin Investigation

This is great for Primary School children (and can be adapted depending on the age of the class). Get pupils to examine a pumpkin, making notes and descriptions about aspects such as colour, size, smell, texture, weight etc.  You can also get them to guess whether they think a Pumpkin would float and then carry out an experiment.

What is Blood made of?

This may sound a little gruesome, but it will encourage children to think about how the human body works, get them asking questions, and also maybe help with any fears or squeamishness the children may have.   Take a look at this link which will help you set up an interactive experiment -

Secondary School Ideas

Create a spooky poem

Get the pupils creative juices flowing by asking them to write Halloween themed poetry.  They could choose from a list of subjects such as ghosts, an abandoned house, or witches for example.

Frightening Food

Pinterest is filled with spooky food ideas which are perfect for a Food Technology lesson.  Why not try this delicious looking Pumpkin Soup or these terrifying ‘Mummy’ Pizza Pies.

Do you have any Halloween themed lessons you’re planning this week? Join in the conversation and let us know on Twitter.

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