Timesheets are your responsibility; therefore you should always make sure you have a sufficient supply.

Unless you have been placed permanently with a school, you will need to fill out an ITN Mark timesheet at the end of every day or week. If you are doing day-to-day supply work, you will need to get a timesheet signed by the relevant person at the school at the end of the particular assignment (or if the assignment is more than one week at the end of every week). If you are in a long-term assignment you should get your timesheet signed at the end of every week.

When your timesheet has been signed by the school, please fax it to the relevant fax number (shown on the timesheet) immediately. You can also scan and email copies of the timesheets to your consultant.

Please note:

  • It is your responsibility to get the timesheet signed.
  • Timesheets MUST reach us by the following Monday 5pm at the latest. Failure to do this can lead to pay problems.
  • Please ensure that your timesheets are filled out accurately. Complete all the information including the full address of the school (with postal code), your full name and authorisation signature.

Click here to download timesheets:

Expense Claim Forms and Key Portfolio Resources:

If you do not have access to a printer to print your Expense Claim Form, then please contact Key Portfolio by either emailing portfolio@mykeypay.com with 'PLEASE SEND EXPENSE FORMS' as the subject line, and your name, key reference number and address in the email body. Alternatively, call Key on 0845 371 0303 and they will send you a stock of Expense Forms.

Please contact Key Portfolio for all queries regarding expenses.


ITN Mark works in partnership with an external payroll provider, Key Portfolio. This offers you a way of off-setting legitimate expenses against your income. Being paid this way enables you to benefit from your ‘site based status’ as a temporary worker and results in an increase in your weekly take-home pay.

For more information regarding your pay please contact your consultant or Key Portfolio on 0845 371 0303.

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